How to Begin Quilting as a Hobby

Quilting is an inexpensive way to make crafts and blankets. Hand made blankets are great gift and a great way to make some extra cash. It can be a great way to relax after a long hard day as well. The sense of accomplishment you get from creating something, is a sensation that you cannot replace. Here is how to start your quilting hobby.

  • Start off with something simple

Starting off with something simple to make is recommended. Finding a beginners pattern is fairly easy. You can download many patterns online for free, and you can find them for free at your local craft store.
Choose a small pattern, like a table runner, or a pillow. This will ensure that you do not get overwhelmed by the size.

  • Make your beginner fabric selections simple

Starting off, you can purchase what is called “fat quarter bundles.” These fabric bundles are guaranteed to match, and look great together. They will go with almost any pattern, and are great for small projects. They can be found at any craft store or Walmart and are fairly cheap.

  • Ensure the quality of your pattern

Ensuring the quality of your pattern is simple. Using cardboard, or laminating your pattern will ensure that you do not damage it as you cut out your pieces. If you do damage your pattern, cut another one. It is very hard to compensate for a damaged pattern.

  • Hand piece your fabric

It is very tempting to jump on a sewing machine to piece your project. However, it is important to learn the skill with a needle by hand. This will allow you to work on your project at any time, and will make quilting your project easier too.

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