Sewing Machine Review: Singer 201

The Singer 201 is one of Singer Manufacturing Company’s older creations. It may now be considered vintage equipment, certainly a treasure to numerous collectors of vintage sewing machines. The machine is still made of a very durable material, certainly not plastic, but stainless steel which is a trademark for Singer’s older models. The Singer 201 model is a very simple sewing machine for beginners and certainly does not have the modern electronic and computerized features yet. There are no programmable controls and settings which you can use to modify your work according to the specifications of the sewing project. Every adjustment is done manually. You will have to learn to place the thread into the needle, wind the bobbin, adjust the pressure foot and vary the length and width of stitches. It has a huge cabinet to store all sorts of sewing accessories. The accessories include a ruffler, rolled hemmer, and shirring foot to add more designs into your sewing project.

Stitching functions are also excellent though it is mainly more capable of creating straight stitches which is not as flexible as the newer models. You will not have any problem creating beautiful stitches with this machine. The end result is never crude but smooth instead. This is due to the smooth metal plates beneath the sewing area. It was not made for heavyweight material such as denim, wool or leather though, so you will have to stick with the regular materials if you do not want to end up with broken needles and damaged equipment.

What makes the Singer 201 very special is its durability. As mentioned earlier, it is made of stainless steel to make it last for years. Vintage machines like the Singer 201 have lasted over the years even with constant use but with proper maintenance and cleaning, of course. These are sewing machines built with the goal of seeing the machines still being used by many generations after its first creation and because it is a simple machine, it is also very simple to operate. Despite its bulkiness, the Singer 201 sewing machine runs surprisingly quiet. It does not produce that annoying, mechanical sound that can distract you from your work.

Accessories and parts are still available in the market, though the machine itself is no longer being manufactured by Singer. If you are lucky enough, you may find this machine sold at less than $50. At this price, it would already be in good condition, complete with all the parts and accessories needed to come up with fabulous patterns for your sewing projects. Try one for yourself and see the difference when using one compared to the other sewing machines you are accustomed to use.

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